Our specialized mechanical services include bolt tensioning and Torquing, heat exchanger tube bundle extraction and replacement, hydro testing, chemical cleaning and decontamination services, hydro blasting, catalyst handling, reactors and columns erection, internal modification and repair of and vessels, hot tapping and cold cutting.


  • Bolt tensioning and torquing

    Bolt TorquingAcross several industries, pre-commissioning and maintenance schedules demand 'flange management' from the design stage. This helps achieve a 'leak free' start up. Almuzain uses specially designed equipment, proven bolt loading calculations & written procedures to tighten joints to the desired tolerances in a controlled and safe manner.

    We also offer Hydraulic Bolt Torquing, the most familiar technique for the prevention of leaks in bolted assemblies such as pipe flanges. Due to a range of sizes and specifications, it is important to choose the right tool & the right application. The cause of inconsistencies between the applied force and the residual bolt load is often the varying friction between the threads of the stud and the nut. And between the nut face and the flange. Although a very simple & highly practical tool, the hydraulic torque wrench does have speed and accuracy limitations.


    By using advanced internal and external tube bundle cleaning equipments, Almuzain provides automated and in-site cleaning of process equipment using high pressure water. To tackle hazardous environments, we use high performance high pressure Hydro-Jetting equipment complete with safety devices. We also design & invest in innovative cleaning attachments, safety back out preventers, and automatic internal & external remote exchanger tube bundle cleaners. All to ensure safe operator positioning and maximum cleaning efficiency. Our experienced operators ensure optimum method selection for each application by using specialized tools. They include, fit for purpose lances and nozzles, automated equipment, abrasives, and chemical solutions. The result - every project is completed in record time, and passes inspection right at the first time.

  • Hydro blasting / Chemical Cleaning

    We invest in qualified technicians. And we own a broad fleet of diesel-powered high-pressure pumps and ancillary equipment. This allows us to optimize the high-pressure cleaning process to perfection. Our services include residue removal, brick and concrete restoration as well as to remove tenacious mill scale deposits, calcides & rust. We also eliminate sludge from interior shells of boilers, piping, line heaters, heat exchangers, condensers, fin fans, emission tubes, containers and tanks. Moreover, our diesel powered Wet Vacuuming trucks & tankers work in tandem with our Hydro blasting technology to contain effluent, transport, or dispose of waste matter on or off-site. In order to increase production, multiple guns can be activated by just adding a splitter to our hydro blast equipment. From pressure washing to hydro blasting applications, Almuzain meets the high-intensity demands of routine maintenance cleaning, pre-commissioning and decommissioning projects, scheduled outages, and emergency response services.

  • Catalyst Handling Services

    Catalyst Handling ServiceWith its extensive experience in executing catalyst projects efficiently and safely, Almuzain meets your requirements with minimal delays from fusing & minimal catalyst attrition to excellent dust control systems.

    • Pre-commissioning of reactors and vessels • Unloading and loading of catalyst under inert or normal atmospheres • Vertical/horizontal dense phase loading • Innovative purpose built equipment ensuring low catalyst attrition rate • Catalyst sampling, screening, density grading and oxidization • Vacuum unloading with closed loop nitrogen re-circulation • Catalyst loading of reactors using conventional techniques • Tubular Reformer loadings using conventional techniques • Shutdown planning, coordination and execution
  • Exchanger Tube Bundle Pulling

    Almuzain provides hydraulic tube bundle extractors that prevent damage to bundles caused by their extraction. These extractors can handle almost any horizontal bundle with all hydraulic functions remotely controlled for optimal operator safety. Besides being easy to use even in small spaces, they also dramatically decrease timelines. All of our tube bundle extractors are self-contained units. They can be easily lifted into position by just one crane and can work independently in any location. Our special lifting frame is constructed to ensure ease of offloading as well as maximum reach into the construction. Moreover, we remove the risk of damage to our clients' expensive assets by using a pulling hook mechanism which compensates the massive power against the shell flange.

  • Hot Tapping and Cold tapping

    Almuzain provides Hot Tapping and Cold Tapping services that allow you to meet deadlines safely and with minimum disruption to production. Both of these precise processes require our experienced engineers to drill a hole in a piping system under pressure without draining or spilling the products inside. We provide exceptional value & efficiency by ensuring that safe, fast tie-ins, repairs, modifications & bypass of faulty or damaged systems are all under full operating conditions.